Why use Concealed Hinges?

Why use Concealed Hinges?

Hidden Doors and Concealed Hinges

If you’re not in the habit of installing doors or panels on the regular, then the concept of using a concealed hinges might not be something you’ve considered. It should be!

Let’s discuss the main advantages for using a concealed hinging system.


Generally when choosing door hardware, you’ll make decisions on what to use based on the functionality that’s offered and how it fits in with your overall design.

Hidden hinges are a great option because they have a very special purpose – that is they allow doors and panels to open that are not visible when closed.

The result?

If you’re using quality concealed hinges, you’ll get seamless paneling. Depending on your design, it’s possible for the door or panel to be so well concealed that no one will know it’s actually a door at all. 

You know what that’s great for? So. Many. Things. 

Need a panic room or bunker? You’ll need concealed hinges for the door. Want to build in access to your underground wine cellar from the floor? Yep, concealed hinges will do this for you. Have a gun safe you don’t want anyone to know about? Storage space or wardrobe you’d rather keep hidden? Any kind of maintenance panels including those made from glass?

As you may have guessed, if you want to hide something or just really like flush panels that open – concealed hinges are the hardware for the job. Some might say they make doors more delightful. After all, who doesn’t love the intrigue of discovering that what you thought was part of the wall is in fact a door?

Endless Design Possibilities. 

Jokes aside, concealed hinges really make design possibilities endless because instead of designing for spaces, you can hide them in your overall aesthetic. 

Best of all? this type of hinge are generally very easy to install. This is especially true for Manfred Frank hinges. 

Our hinges are available with full installation instructions and a range of door and frame mounts. This means they can be fitted on any building material, including glass. 

Once installed, they typically do not require any adjustment and best of all? Won’t need adjusting during their lifetime. Manfred Frank hinges retain alignment over decades of use, and are an excellent solution for you to create concealed doors or panels.

Furthermore, they can be used both indoors and for exterior applications and are very heavy load bearing. Just two of our hinges can comfortably carry a door or panel that weighs up to 400kg (over 800 pounds!). 

Want to see how they’ve been used by our customers? Check out the options here

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on concealed hinges – what have you got to hide?

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