heavy duty hinges for ultra large glass panels

Discover the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for technical advice or help with your projects, we love to help!

Q. Do you have a distributor?

We ship all of our products direct from our warehouse in New Zealand, via airfreight DAP Service, (inbound tax and duties not included).

Q. How long is shipping?

If you send us your postcode we can send you an estimated timeframe.


Q. What is the lead time?

Lead time varies on quantity ordered. Usually between one day and two weeks.


Q. I am not sure what I want, can you help?

Yes, send us a quick drawing of what you are trying to achieve, remember to add the material you are going to use and the thickness of the panels and estimated weight.


Q. How much are they?

Please request a quote so that we can give you the most relevant pricing. Additionally, if you are unsure of what you need we can work that out with you.


Q. What is the difference between the Micromaster MFH200 and Micromaster MFH300 Stainless Steel hinges?

This is one our most FAQ’S. The main difference between the Micromaster MFH200 and Micromaster MFH300 is in the adjustment style. The MFH200 has a turn-buckle adjustment mechanism, whereas the MFH300 has a cap-screw adjustment mechanism.


Q. What is the difference between the ANGUTEC® MFH100 and the Micromaster MFH200/MFH300 hinges?

The load capacity. The ANGUTEC® is for a panel up to 100kg/220lbs and the Micromaster is for a panel up to 400kg/880lbs if used in a standard application.

Please refer to the spec sheets for more information on load capacities.


Q. How many hinges do I need?

You only need two hinges per door. However, we have many customers who choose to use a third hinge in the centre to ensure the door panel stays straight.


Q. Can I use one hinge?

No. Due to the adjustment capabilities of the hinge there is some movement in the door mount that will allow the door to move about. This is not an issue when two or more hinges are used.


Q. Can I add more hinges to hold a heavier door?

No, because of the nature of the adjustment of the hinge. During installation all of the load will be taken up on one hinge, creating an overloaded situation.


Q. Do you have any drawings or routing info?

Yes, please refer to the Documentation page.

In addition, this page also has information on Drilling, Routing, Clearances and Panel size charts.


Q. Can Manfred Frank hinges connect to a glass door with no frame?

Yes, this can be two different ways;

  1. The first option is to use a single point fixing that requires a 20mm hole in the glass and a clamping plate to hold the glass on.
  2. The second option is to use a key slot door mount with a bonding plate. The plate is then bonded to the glass. This is the only option if you are using float glass.


Q. Can we have a door with moulding on the bottom?

Yes this can be done, however the moulding does add to the total thickness of the door. As a result,  a custom solution is needed. Please contact us for more info.


Q. Can the hinges be used for trap doors and hatches?

Yes although this does change the loading of the hinge to a side load application.


Q. Can I use these on a hidden bookcase door?

Yes, however due to the weight of books we do recommend the Micromaster range.


Q. Can the hinges be used outside?

Yes, the ANGUTEC hinge range is constructed from composite material and the Micromaster range is made from a duplex stainless steel. This exceeds corrosion standards ISO 9227 and BS EN 1670:1998.


Q. Can the hinges be used to make hidden rooms and cabinets?

Yes, our range of hinges function very well for this application. The multi pivot system and adjustability allows you to have the smallest of gaps so that there are no hinge parts showing.


Q. Can we use a door bigger than 38mm (1 ½ inch).

Yes we have a standard range that will go up to 51mm (2 inch) and we can go larger with some custom designs, please contact us for advice about your particular project.


If there are any other FAQ’S you think we’ve missed, please get in touch


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