5 Misconceptions about Heavy Duty Hinges

5 Misconceptions about Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy Duty Hinges

Sometimes a little misinformation can go a long way. Let’s bust 5 of the most common misconceptions we come across when talking to people about our heavy duty hinges. 



1. You will still need to use multiple hinges

 It’s normal to be concerned about how capable your heavy duty hinges will actually be once installed. 

A common assumption is that at least 3-4 hinges will be required to fit the door or panel securely to ensure perfect alignment without sag. 

However, with the right hardware this is simply not true! Our standard installation is for just two hinges.  Our ANGUTEC hinges can carry doors or panels that weigh up to 100kg each, which more than covers the requirements for most doors or panels. We also have our Micromaster range, which can carry doors or panels that weigh up to 400kg each.

The only caveat for this is for doors or panels with a very high side load, in which case three hinges may be appropriate. However, we will always advise whether this is applicable. We also provide panel size charts and full documentation so you have everything you need before purchasing from us. 


2. They are hard to install and adjust

As you’re dealing with very large doors or panels, it’s normal to think they will be hard to install and/or adjust. Needing to use special lifting gear or equipment can significantly add to the cost of installation. This is understandably off-putting at the design stage.

Manfred Frank hinges are extremely easy to install. They are available with a range of different door and frame mounts to suit any application and building material.

Furthermore, our hinges have patented technology that allows the hinges to be adjusted once they are installed. There is no need for any special tools or equipment. Generally our hinges do not need to be adjusted because they are so easy to install correctly.


3. They will need replacing as your doors or panels become misaligned

Again, because of the sheer weight involved with the use of heavy duty hinges, there is often concern that the hardware will deteriorate over time causing misalignment and/or sag. 

However, this is not an issue if you use high quality hinges to start with. Look for products that are made from premium materials and are guaranteed to last over decades of use. 


4. Heavy duty hinges only work on some building materials

Glass can be extremely heavy but most people won’t think about this when considering using heavy duty hinges. Not only can it be very heavy, it’s not a building material that you can typically drill into for installation. When thinking about using heavy duty hinges, most people think about wood or steel. 

Manfred Frank hinges have different door mounts so that they can be safely and securely attached to any building material; including glass or stone. 


5. Heavy duty hinges limit the kinds of doors or panels you can design with

Following on from above, in order to use heavy duty hinges on anything and everything requires the hinge to be available with different adaptors.

With Manfred Frank hinges, the design possibilities are endless because they can be installed on any building material as long as it weighs 400kg or less.

Furthermore, we are constantly innovating and creating custom solutions for our clients around the world.


Still unsure about using heavy duty hinges? Get in touch with us today. We provide free technical advice and CAD drawings when required. 

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