Panel Sizes

Manfred Frank provides detailed Panel Size Charts that indicate the maximum possible dimensions of a panel for a given hinge model and panel material. Panel dimensions must fall on or to the left of the curve (in the green-shaded area on the example chart at right).

The Micromaster MFH 200 and MFH 300 hinges are both rated to carry panels up to 400kg.

The Angutec MFH 100 is rated to carry panels up to 100kg.

In addition to these constraints, there are limits on the maximum width of panels because of the large torque forces acting on very wide panels.

The charts are based on hinges mounted as a pair vertically and approximately 50mm to 100mm from the top and bottom of the panel. The blue portion of the curve is derived from the maximum loading of the hinge and the red portion of the curve is based on the width limit. Any dimensions within these lines (as defined by the green zone in the example) are acceptable.

See panel size charts


Example panel size chart