Manfred Frank® Micromaster

The Range

Micromaster-RangeThe Micromaster Series includes two types of hinge models and their interchangeable frame and panel mountings. Both models perform to the same standard, however they differ in their adjustment mechanism. MFH 200 hinges feature turnbuckle linkages and are adjusted with a spanner for sideways and compression alignment. A standard Allen key is used to adjust height. MFH 300 hinges incorporate socket head cap screw linkages and require an Allen key to adjust for sideways, compression and height alignment. MFH 300 hinges can be adjusted from outside their housing area and are perfectly suited for confined spaces with limited access. The MFH 200 is the standard Micromaster Series hinge model, with the MFH 300 specific to confined spaces. For more information see Adjustment.

‘A single pair of hinges. Ultimate versatility'

The Award-winning Micromaster Series is a heavy duty concealed hinge system for panels or doors that weigh up to 400kg or over 800 pounds. Micromaster Hinges are capable of overlay, inset and curtain wall installations. For glass applications, the Micromaster Hinge represents the only available frameless glass-to-glass concealed hinging solution. Using patented Manfred Frank technology, the Micromaster Series offers an unparalleled range of instant adjustment, achieved in-situ under full load by a single person. With only two hinges required per panel, Micromaster Hinges have been acknowledged as the most cost-effective hinging solution on the market. Selected throughout the world for a multitude of applications (See Projects), Micromaster Hinges are renowned for their efficient installation and safe smooth operation. The Micromaster Series offers an extensive range of mounting options, allowing a perfect installation to be achieved regardless of materials and installation type. Micromaster-Applications


  • Heavy duty multi pivot hinges, a single pair of Micromaster hinges can carry doors or panels that weigh up to 400kg or over 800 pounds each.
  • Single person instant panel adjustment under full load (400kg), without any lifting support equipment.
  • Installation cost savings of up to 70%- A perfect fit in record time
  • Patented precision controlled 3D, self-locking adjustment features. Guaranteed no loss of adjustment.
  • Complete access with full 90 opening
  • Maintenance free & Self-lubricating.
  • Ultra-Wide panel applications (e.g. H-4 metres x W-3 metres)
  • Fully exposed frameless glass-to-glass mounting
  • Single point panel mounting side-hung and top-hung installations
  • Wide range of accessories for all types of installations including active and motorised facades. Can also be adapted to accommodate curved panels and to incorporate spring loading.
  • Highly effective TRUE 3D opening and closing motion prevents any seal damage
  • Made from Investment cast CD4-MCU Duplex Stainless Steel and AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Exceeds the requirements of ISO 9227 and BS EN 1670:1998 corrosion resistance, ideal for exterior projects

  Find the hinge for your project


Micromaster hinges are suitable for any installation requiring concealed panel hinging. High-performance, durability and ease of installation are the key requirements for any successful panel hinge project and are easily achieved by the Micromaster range.  Micromaster Hinge technology is widely accepted as the industry standard, especially for projects that require strong hinges for heavy panels.  For more details and examples of how Micromaster hinges have been used for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes, see Applications. German Oceanographic Museum, Stralsund, using micromaster hinges in a coral reef installation

Super-Sized Panels

A single pair of Micromaster hinges is capable of an unprecedented load-bearing capacity of 400kg.

Manfred Frank Patented Load Transfer Technology compensates for the leverage and download forces of door panels without placing any strain on the secondary screw fixings. This ingenious feature is standard for all MFH door-mounting options.

Ultra-wide and ultra-thick panels can be installed safely and efficiently. A single person can adjust panels of any size with a standard Allen key and spanner within minutes.

Permanent perfect panel alignment is guaranteed with no slippage or creep possible. For more information see Panel Size Charts. Super Sized Glass panels at the Auckland Art Gallery featuring Micromaster hinges