Frameless Glass Lift Shafts

Frameless glass lift shafts are a popular feature of commercial buildings. Manfred Frank concealed hinges are a great solution for access panels of glass lift shafts, which are required for maintenance and cleaning. They are designed with an emphasis on high performance and sleek aesthetic. As a result, seamless paneling is no problem.

Furthermore, the Manfred Frank range have mounting options that comply with the industry standard Ø 50mm mounting disc platform. This allows the access panels to blend perfectly into the overall design of the lift shaft, particularly with the panels that don’t open. Even very large frameless glass panels that weigh up to 400kg can be fitted easily and require only two hinges.

The mounting requirements for Manfred Frank hinges on the frame side are very simple. For example, a small steel lug protruding from the floor or ceiling can be all it needs. Perfect panel alignment as well as smooth panel opening and closing is achieved every time.

The Manfred Frank range is highly UV and corrosion resistant. As a result, once installed they do not require maintenance over their long lifetime. You need not look any further for a highly effective and discreet option.

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