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Not sure what mounting kits you need? Use our find your hinge model configurator below. It will determine the Manfred Frank door and frame kit sets required for your project. The final result will be a unique product code that has links through to CAD Files, Installation Guides and a Quote Request form.

To use the find your hinge model configurator, you will need to know what product you are most interested in. Under the first question, you will see a link to ‘View illustration’. Click on this to find the hinge model best suited for your project.

The ANGUTEC is our lightweight solution, carrying doors and panels that weigh up to 100kg. Alternatively, our Micromaster series is available in two models (MFH200 and MFH300). Both models can hold doors or panels that weigh up to 400kg. The difference between them is with the adjustment mechanisms. The MFH200 is our standard model and will suit most applications. The MFH300 is ideal for more confined spaces.  Importantly, all Manfred Frank hinges are concealed, and create seamless paneling.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, explore our Technical Information section. Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you.


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Copy this product number to keep it for future reference.

The product number consists of a hinge model number (including the the frame and door mount numbers) and also describes any door or frame kits you selected in the Configurator.


Hinge Model #   Door Kit #   Frame Kit #
MFH 200-00-00 - D01-000B - F01-000B

Installation manuals and CAD drawings are available on the Documentation page.