Door Installation types

Hinge installation type is no problem for the Manfred Frank range. All models are capable of inset, overlay and curtain wall fitting. Furthermore, there is no need for adapters or variations. Even super thick panels (51mm) can be mounted with minimal gaps. This helps to create ultra clean and seamless surfaces.

For overlay-mounted panels, the maximum overlay distance of 20mm applies to single point fixed glass panels. This is in keeping with industry standards. However, larger overlay distances can be achieved with all non-glass material. For example wood, metal or stone.

If you know what hinge installation is required but you’re not sure which hinge model is best for your project, our Configurator will help determine the door and frame kits required. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be directed to all the CAD files and technical information you need to get going. Our ANGUTEC hinges can carry doors and panels that weigh up to 100kg. Our Micromaster series has two hinge models, the MFH200 and MFH300; both can carry doors or panels that weigh up to 400kg.

Very large, very thick and very wide panels are generally not a problem for the Manfred Frank range, get a quote today.

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Inset installation of Manfred Frank heavy duty hinges

Overlay hinge installation Curtain-Wall hinge installation Curtain-Wall-Back to back hinge installation