Glass Information

Heavy duty glass hinges All types of glass can be mounted with Manfred Frank hinges. As a result, they are excellent as glass door hinges.

For example, single layer and laminated toughened/tempered glass panels can be installed with countersunk fittings, clamping plates and bonded fittings. As a result, these special attachments ensure the Manfred Frank range is ideal as glass door hinges. Most importantly, toughened/tempered glass is up to five times stronger than float/ annealed glass of the same thickness. Furthermore; this type of glass can also be laminated, where two sheets are bonded by a plastic or resin inter-layer.

Countersunk fittings and clamping plates cannot be used on laminated float or annealed glass. Therefore, the only way to install laminated float glass is by bonding the glass panel to a special attachment plate first (See Door Mounting Options). Likewise, another mounting option is to bond the panel into a channel extrusion or profile and attach the relevant mechanism to the metal profile.

Glass Weights (Indicative Only)

Thickness Weight per m2
10 mm 25 kg
12 mm 30 kg
15 mm 37.50 kg
19 mm 47.50 kg

Tempered/ Toughened Glass Hole Placement Rules

Glass-Rules Drilling details for glass panels using a countersunk single point fixing.

For more information please see Panel Size Charts or Drilling Information.