Door Mount D05 –
Mortised Insert Mounting

NOTE: This mortised door mount is exclusive to the ANGUTEC series. 

Panel Thickness Range: 31mm to 51mm (thicker panels possible)

Recommended Panel Materials: Stone, Metal, Timber Panels. The D05 mortised is designed for all non-glass panels.

This door mount has an insert that is mortised into the door panel. These inserts(D50 and D51) are available in two sizes. The result is an easy snap-on two part assembly. Firstly, the hinge is installed onto the frame. Secondly, the mortised door insert is independently installed to the door.  As a result, fitting the door panel to the hinge simply involves sliding the hinge door mount into the mortised door insert.

Furthermore, the mortised door insert features clearly marked, pre-aligned mounting locations. These indexed mounting locations allow for all installation types such overlay/inset and curtain wall  with panel thickness from 31mm to 51mm to be achieved with a single fitting.

Manfred Frank patented load transfer technology ensures that the mounting screws simply secure the door mount in place without having to take any of the panel weight.  This unique feature allows for heavy and ultra wide doors to be mounted easily and safely.

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