Door Mount D04 –
Surface Screw Mounting

This surface screw door mount is ideal for all non-glass doors or panels.

Panel Thickness Range: 10mm to 25mm, with thicker panels possible.

Recommended Panel Materials: Stone, Metal, Timber Panels.  Importantly, this surface screw door mount is designed for all non-glass doors or panels.

The unique feature of this door mount is the protruding ø20mm stem. This stem is recessed into the panel surface as part of the installation process. Consequently, the main load forces of the panels are carried by the stem. As a result, there is no stress placed on the actual mounting screws.  Therefore the mounting screws simply secure the door mount in place, without taking on any of the panel weight. The result is a more efficient hinging system that will last over decades of use without any loss of adjustment or unnecessary panel pressure.

Furthermore, this door mount is suitable for all frame mount sizes and is available with all Manfred Frank hinge models. It can be installed without the need for any special equipment and will work with all installation types. These include inset, overlay, curtain wall and curtainwall back to back.

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