Door Mount D03 –
Key Slot Mounting

This key slot door mount is extremely flexible and will work with any door material.

Panel Thickness Range: 5mm to 30mm with thicker panels possible.

Recommended Panel Materials: Glass (toughened/tempered & float/non-tempered), Stone, Metal Panels, Extrusion of Various Shapes.

Door Mount D03 features a key slot design. The shoulders of the key shape provide a favorable mechanical load transfer. As a result, the main download forces of panels are carried by the key shoulders. This removes any stress on the mounting screws. Therefore, the mounting screws secure the door mount in place without taking on any panel weight.

The key slot design is an extremely versatile fitting that is used with a variety of adapters. For example, extrusions and bonding plates. Manfred Frank Bonding Plates are made of stainless steel with an accurately dimensioned key slot and two threaded mounting studs/rods. The bonding plates are typically bonded to the back of panels using a suitable bonding/glue product. Once hinges are mounted to the frame substructure, the door panel with the attached bonding plates is bolted to the D03 mount. This two-part assembly design ensures a most efficient and safe installation process.

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