Door Mount D01 –
Single Point Fixing

This door mount for glass is ideal for toughened or tempered glass panels.

Panel Thickness Range: 6mm to 19mm, however thicker panels are possible.

Recommended Panel Materials: Toughened / Tempered Glass Panels.

Door Mount D01 works with single point fixings that will suit any design. We have three options to choose from. Firstly, there are two clamping disc/plate fixings. These differ only in shape. One is radiused/domed and the second option is flat. Importantly, the outside disc diameter for both complies with the industry standard measurement of 50mm. The other option is the countersunk fixing, which features an outer acetal bush with an integrated stainless steel insert. Importantly, the screws for both the clamping discs and the countersunk fitting options are concealed by a tamperproof stainless steel cover. Furthermore, this cover is completely surface flush.

This door mount for glass is suitable for all frame mount sizes. Furthermore, it is available with our custom made door kit tool. This tool easily removes the clamping plate cap so that the hinge can be adjusted and the panel maintained.

For additional glass panel information, please visit our glass information page.

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