Each plane of adjustment has its own specific mechanism. Adjustment-Mechanisms

Set Screws Set screws are used to modify the height in all hinge models. Two opposing screws hold the height adjustment arm in the required position. The standard tool required is a 4mm Hex Ball Nose Allen Key.

Set Screw Adjustment

Turnbuckle Linkage The turnbuckle linkages feature a left and right handed thread, which are used to adjust the sideways and compression locations of the hinge. Turnbuckles are adjusted using a simple 11mm Open Ended Spanner.

Turnbuckle Adjustment

Cap Screw Linkages Cap screw linkages are used in the place of turnbuckles where accessibility is restrictive and spanners are inappropriate. The standard tool required is a 5mm Hex Ball Nose Allen Key (preferably in a T Bar configuration).

Cap Screw Mechanism for Sideways & Compression Adjustment (MFH 300 Only)All Hinge Models - Adjustment Mechanisms