Opening Panels in Facades- Smoke and Heat Ventilation & Extraction

Building ventilation is easily created with Manfred Frank hinges. This is because the Manfred Frank range naturally create a ventilation gap around each panel edge, even with an only slightly opened panel. As a result, the opening panels of buildings can easily extract smoke and heat as needed.

Furthermore, the special hinge/panel movement of Manfred Frank hinges results in excellent panel seal. They move parallel to each other. As a result, wear and tear on seals is greatly reduced.

Manfred Frank hinges have a range of door and frame mounts available. As a result, they can be installed onto building facades made from almost any material.  Even glass to glass installation is no problem. Furthermore, very large panels weighing up to 400kg can be easily fitted with just two hinges. Once installed, any fine tuning can be achieved by one person without any special tools.

When planning ventilation hinges for panels of building facades, thought must be given to the effect of weather. The way Manfred Frank hinges work compensates for panel stresses and any changes caused by wind-loading. Moreover, the Manfred Frank range is highly UV and corrosion proof. They will stand the test of time.

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