Ultra-Wide / High / Thick / Heavy Panels

Ultra big panels are no problem for the Manfred Frank range of hinges. With the capacity to carry doors or panels that weigh up to 400kg (or over 800 pounds), the design possibilities are endless. Even the heaviest, tallest and widest ultra big panels can be installed with a single pair of hinges.

We are happy to help in the design planning stages and offer free technical advice and support. For example, our panel size charts help to determine the maximum possible dimensions of a panel based on the hinge model and building material.

For non glass materials, such as hollow or solid-core, doors up to a standard thickness of 51mm/2” can be installed with minimal gaps as close as 1mm. Greater door thicknesses are also possible. The patented technology of our range ensures easy installation. Furthermore,  perfect panel alignment can be achieved without the need for special tools or lifting equipment.

The usual restrictions for concealed hinged panels in height, width, thickness and weight no longer apply. The revolutionary two-part/snap-on MFH mortised door insert with  its indexed mounting feature is just one of the options available for ultra big panels. You can see it in action in this Case Study here. We have door and frame mounts to suit any design or application.

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