Residential Fit Outs

Manfred Frank hinges are ideal heavy duty hinges for the home, designed to stand the test of time. With a load bearing capacity of up to 400kg, all panels and doors are supported by a single pair of hinges. There is no longer the need for multiple hinges per door or panel. They are a cost effective solution for the installation of very big panels.

As a result, Manfred Frank hinges are an excellent solution for hollow and solid core doors in wardrobe and storage areas. Furthermore, because they are concealed these areas can be discreetly hidden. The hinges will not show when the door or panel is closed. The hinges are easily installed with minimal gaps, creating seamless paneling every time. Panic rooms, gun safes, hidden bookshelves are all possible with Manfred Frank heavy duty hinges for the home.

The unique adjustment features of the hinges enable easy realignment (where necessary). As a result they are a maintenance-free product with an extensive lifespan.

Furthermore, the Manfred Frank range is available with different door and frame mounts. They can be easily installed onto glass, wood, stone or metal with fittings to suit any design.

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