Museum Gallery Displays

The Manfred Frank range was created as a solution for display hinges in museums. As a result, many display businesses around the world use the Manfred Frank range for large glass panels and display areas. Able to carry up to 400kg, even very large glass panels can be fitted with just two hinges.

Furthermore, Manfred Frank hinges work with any display case or exhibition design. This is because they are a concealed hinge that is easily installed to create seamless paneling. Additionally, they are capable of glass-to-glass extrusion mounting and bonding. There are a number of different mounting options and fittings available to suit most building materials and glass types.

Moreover, the 3D adjustment range of Manfred Frank hinges means that seal pressure can be precisely controlled. They are installed with very small gaps and the result is an air tight space. Special objects that need controlled environments can be on display without worry that they will deteriorate.

The Manfred Frank range is a cost effective solution, as less hinges are generally needed per panel. Once installed, fine tuning can be done without the need for special tools or equipment. The hinges are build to last and there are generally no maintenance costs over decades of use.

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