Marine Fit Outs

Heavy duty marine hinges should be highly UV and corrosion resistant in order to cope with the tough ever-changing weather they are used in. Manfred Frank hinges easily satisfy these requirements. As a result, they are used in the design of hatches, frameless windows and the interior fit outs of boats and yachts around the world. Furthermore, they have no maintenance costs over their decades of use. This is highly desirable in an industry where these costs are usually frequent.

Perfect panel alignment is also easily achieved. When installed in their mid-range position, the hinges are adjustable in any direction under full load. Any fine tuning can occur without the need for any special tools.  The unique parallel movement of the hinges to the panel and frame creates superior panel seal. As a result,  the wear and tear on seals is greatly reduced. This ensures the Manfred Frank range is ideal for use as heavy duty marine hinges. They are concealed by design and perform to the highest standard.

Even very large, thick and wide panels are fitted easily. This is because Manfred Frank hinges can carry up to 400kg per panel. Just two hinges achieve this, resulting in a cost effective and pleasing result.

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