LED/LCD Screens

Screen hinges allow technicians access to the rear of LED/LCD screens for maintenance. For security, screen hinges should be concealed, heavy duty and easy to care for.

Manfred Frank hinges are fit for purpose as they can be easily installed on even very thick panels. With a load bearing capacity of up to 400kg, just two Manfred Frank hinges will do the job. This makes them a cost effective solution. Furthermore, the Manfred Frank range is available with a range of door and frame mounts to suit any panel access design. Once fitted, they require no maintenance.

For LED/LCD screens, hinges are often bolted into a metal sub-frame to support the screen. Alternatively, they can be bonded to the panel with a suitable adhesive. Either way, the large weight of the screen is supported by a single pair of hinges. Furthermore, only a minimal hinge space is required at the back of the screen.  As a result, panel access is highly secure and completely concealed from the public. Once fitted, any fine tuning can be done by a single person without the need for any special equipment. Perfect panel alignment is no problem over the long lifetime of the hinges.

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