Industrial Access

Industries such as oil & gas; wind, electricity & water generation; secure storage; mining and marine have all chosen Manfred Frank hinges as their industrial hinge of choice. This is because they easily meet the needs of industrial access panels.

The requirements for industrial hinges often include:

  • Enabling high security with no parts shown.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Perfect weather tight sealing.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Perfect panel alignment that will last.
  • Safe and smooth operation.

Manfred Frank hinges are concealed by design, as a result they are not visible when the panel is closed. Moreover, just two hinges are needed for panels that weigh up to 400kg.

The hinges can be fitted and fine tuned by just one person. There is no need for any special equipment. In addition, the design of the hinges ensures smooth paneling and perfect alignment. They will stand the test of time, even in tough outdoor settings.  Once installed, they require no care over their long lifespan.

Furthermore, Manfred Frank hinges are available with a range of door and frame mount options for any panel access design. They are easily fitted onto almost any building material, including glass. As a result, they are ideal for industrial access projects.

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