Hidden Doors and Panels

All Manfred Frank hinging solutions are engineered to be concealed. Our products are ideal hardware for hidden doors or panels because the hinges themselves are not visible when closed. Seamless paneling is achieved every time.

Whether the design is for a secret room, storage, bunker, gun safe, panic room or any hidden area, Manfred Frank hinges are easily installed. We have a range of door and frame mounts available for all of our hinges. This means they can be installed on any building material, even glass or stone.

The multi pivot geometry of the hinges means they lift up out of the frame rather than straight out.  As a result, they require minimal gaps and achieve seamless paneling effortlessly, as can be seen here on the hidden doors from Hide-A-Way Doors.

Furthermore, because a single pair of our hinges can easily carry up to 400kg; even very tall, thick and wide panels can be used to create hidden spaces or discreet storage areas. Using just two hinges on very large panels is extremely cost effective, especially as the Manfred Frank range is designed to create perfect panel alignment every time, for a life time.

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