Curtain Walls

Curtain wall installation is easy for the Manfred Frank range. Multiple doors of great width and height can be fitted, creating clean looking surfaces with minimal lines. Doors or panels weighing up to 400kg are fitted with just two hinges.

Doors can be installed with hinges mounted back to back regardless of frame thickness. The special shape of Manfred Frank hinges allows even the thickest doors to open side-by-side without colliding. Similarly, these same doors will close perfectly flush. There are a number of door and frame mounts available to suit nearly any building material, including glass.

Furthermore, the Manfred Frank range can be adjusted in any direction while under full load. There is no need for any special tools or equipment. As a result, this 3D adjustment takes away the usual problems of perfectly aligning large numbers of doors. The wear and tear of the door seal is also greatly reduced. Manfred Frank offer the ideal choice for curtain wall installation, with hinges that will last decades without the need for maintenance.

We are happy to provide free advice for individual projects, otherwise panel size charts and other technical information can be found here.

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