Commercial Fit Outs

Commercial hinges should allow architectural design to reach new limits, while still performing to a high standard. They should also be easy to install and adjust, and require no maintenance.

Manfred Frank hinges exceed all of the above conditions. They are therefore ideal for commercial or corporate environments.  Because the hinges are concealed by design, seamless paneling creates a sleek look. This means storage areas can be discreet. Shop fittings, hotel lobbies, transport terminals and offices are just a few examples where Manfred Frank Hinges are applied.

Just two hinges are capable of holding panels that weigh up to 400kg. Glass, stone, timber and metal panels can be easily fitted. Manfred Frank hinges are available with a range of different door and frame mounts to suit any panel access design. Furthermore, the Manfred Frank range can be installed with very small gaps between doors, allowing for multiple doors to be fitted easily. Any adjustment of the hinges can be done without the need for special tools or equipment.

Furthermore, Manfred Frank hinges are highly UV and corrosion proof. Once installed they will stand the test of time, regardless of whether they are indoors. They are ideal commercial hinges for any sized project.

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