Cabinetry / Joinery / Millwork

A common issue with cabinetry is frequent misalignment over time. This is now a problem of the past. Manfred Frank Hinges are heavy duty cabinetry hinges guaranteed to maintain perfect permanent alignment. Regardless of how frequent the use is.

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen pantry doors or wardrobe doors are installed with a single pair of hinges. There is no longer a need for multiple hinges per door.  With load bearing capacity of up to 400kg, the design possibilities are endless. In addition,  Manfred Frank hinges can even be used for ultra wide and ultra thick panels.

Furthermore, the hinges are naturally concealed. As a result, seamless paneling and sleek lines are achieved every time. Manfred Frank hinges are fitted with small gaps and lift up out of the frame.

Moreover, the Manfred Frank range is available with a number of door and frame mounts. This means they can be fitted onto nearly any surface, with fittings to suit any design. They are ideal heavy duty cabinetry hinges for the home.

Once installed, any fine tuning is carried out without any special equipment. Perfect panel alignment is easily achieved and will last the lifetime of the hinges.


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