Illuminated Advertising, Wall Cladding, Signage – Panels

Signage hinges safely and securely hide the light source or imagery of illuminated panels. Manfred Frank hinges are ideal for this purpose, as the hinges themselves are concealed and easily achieve seamless paneling.  As a result, maintenance of advertising and signage displays are no problem.

Moreover, Manfred Frank hinges are a versatile option as they can be installed onto any building material. There are a range of door and frame mount options to suit any application and design. Mounting options include:

  • Tamper proof single point fixings (for glass only).
  • Bonding to the rear of the panel.
  • Using extrusions that leave the front of the panel clean and uninterrupted.
  • Using metal panels at the rear of units.

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Furthermore, the Manfred Frank range is heavy duty and suitable for panels that weigh up to 400kg. As a result, very large panels are installed with just two hinges. Perfect panel alignment is easily achieved and maintained over the long lifespan of the hinges.

When used as signage hinges, the Manfred Frank range is maintenance free and provides the highest security as there are no exposed parts. They are highly corrosion and UV proof, ideal for outside use.

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