Access panels in Non-Glass Facades

Panel access is important so that maintenance or storage areas can be safely and securely hidden. Manfred Frank hinges are often used to create panel access because they are not visible when the panel is closed.

Timber, stone or metal panels are easily installed with Manfred Frank hinges. We have a range of different mounting options and accessories available for both the door and frame. Once installed, All fine-tuning can occur by a single person. There is no need for support equipment or special tools. Perfect panel alignment is no problem. Seamless paneling is achieved every time, due to the adjustment technology of our hinges.

Even very large panels are no problem for the Manfred Frank range. Two hinges can carry up to 400kg or over 800 pounds.  This makes them a cost effective solution. Furthermore, as the usual panel size limitations do not apply, the design options are endless.

Manfred Frank hinges are also highly-corrosion and UV resistant. They are designed to cope with prolonged exposure to even the harshest environments. They look great inside, and work great outside too. Best of all, there is no need for maintenance of the hinges over their lifetime.

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